EBC Fruit Slicer

Eyebrow Controlled Fruit Slicer

This fun project allows you to slice (soft) fruit with your eyebrows! Probably the easiest of the projects, it allows you to 'frown' and trigger the slicing of fruit.

Using files from the Github Repo:



  • 1x Mini Servo Motor

  • 3x Jumper Cables

  • Arduino Uno Rev 3 (or any arduino)

  • Any thickness plywood

  • Any two wooden blocks you can glue down to the plywood

  • 1x Craft Blade

  • Superglue

  • PVA


  1. Mount the wooden blocks onto the plywood with PVA.

  2. Glue Servo Motor mount to the Craft Blade.

  3. Wait for all glue to dry.

  4. Mount servos to blocks.

  5. Mount blade on servo.

  6. Connect the black brown wire on servo to ground.

  7. Connect red wire on servo to 5V.

  8. Connect yellow wire on servo to Digital pin specified in Arduino Sketch.

  9. Upload Arduino File to Arduino

  10. Open Puredata Extended File

  11. Open FaceOSC