Make your own Kit!

Guide to making your very own version of THE FACE CONTROL KIT.

Okay! So you've decided to make your own...


  • 2 x ESP32 Dev Boards

  • 2 x USB Cables

  • 10 x Jumper Cables

  • 2 x Mini Servo Motors

When buying parts... please source locally! - Where you can, order parts from as near as possible. The shorter the journey the part has taken the less carbon involved in its transport.


If you can, don't print! Save the paper! But we understand that having physical copies of text like this can be very useful as a teaching tool, within a classroom or just for following alone without a screen. So here are the PDF's:

but please remember...

Recycle! Always print any of the assets from the kit on recycled paper & recycle everything when you're done!